Brandon first visited Masatepe in 2010 and was overwhelmed by the industrious and hospitable nature of the Nicaraguan people as well as the many opportunities that existed to bring people together to work on behalf of the oppressed. In 2012, he and Hannah moved to Masatepe to pioneer the work of International Teams in Nicaragua. Today he leads the team of over 40 Nicaraguans and Americans, while also overseeing the businesses, projects and partnerships here in Masatepe.

Hannah co-founded One Collective Nicaragua with her husband in 2012. She currently assists with the on-boarding process of new members, oversees the summer internship program, and writes miscellaneous articles in hopes they get read. She is passionate about alliterations; seriously, but even more about her family (husband and two littles), the elderly, and seeing people flourish in Christ.

God directed me into the field of teaching, which became a way to live out who God created me to be; I worked in both Oregon and Germany as a jr. high English teacher and later as a school administrator. In 2013, my husband and I moved to Nicaragua as independent missionaries and later joined One Collective Masatepe in 2016, where I work as Ministry Developer, primarily with the American staff. My vision statement has been the same throughout- “ to help people know and love God more.

Leonel has worked with One Collective since the very beginning of the work in Masatepe. He is married with 5 kids. Leonel is deeply invested in transformation work in his community. He jokingly tells visitors that whenever the Americans have any problems or anything they need done, it is his job/privilege to help them fix it.

Jordy has worked with One Collective for 2 years. Adventurous, extroverted, kind, fun, and humble are all words that describe him well. Aside from sales, administration, legal work, and translation, Jordy enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, and traveling all around Nicaragua. He is also in the process of perfecting several different American accents.

Rony has worked with One Collective for three years. In addition to working with ITeams, he has been taking weekend classes at the University. He is in his last semester before graduation. Rony is kind, servant hearted, a hard worker, and a total jokester. In his free time he enjoys watching TV, hanging out with friends and family, and playing soccer.

Marjorie has worked with One Collective for 3 years. She is married and has 5 children. She is a true servant and loves investing her time in people. She can be described as organized, responsible, service oriented, and always busy. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading the Bible, and keeping her house organized.

Andy Comfort graduated from George Fox University in 2016 with a degree in Global Business. He joined our team on January 20, 2018. Andy is working on learning Spanish and adjusting to Nicaraguan life and culture. Andy works alongside the staff in the finance department to assist with best financial practices for the main business and initiatives.

Jonathan grew up in Ecuador, and has spent the majority of his life outside the US. He and his wife served in Thailand and South Africa for three years each, before landing in Nicaragua in mid 2017. They have two beautiful daughters. Jonathan is passionate about helping people discover/understand their true identities and loves working in different cultures. When not working, Jonathan can be found spending time with his family or doing a variety of manly things.

Amanda is passionate about empowering people through health education, discovering dignity amidst disease and walking with people as they discover their worth, value, and identity in Christ.

One of Mandy’s passions is bringing together people from completely different worlds, cultures, languages, socioeconomic statuses, and creating opportunities for them to see one another as equals and brothers and sisters in Christ!

is a Nutritional Therapist and has come to Masatepe alongside her husband, Dusty, with a desire to see the lives of people change through a deeper understanding of nutrition and the gift of food that God has given to us. Currently she is working alongside our team nurse and a local doctor to further educate the community through community and school nutrition and disease prevention classes.

Jeff is passionate about building up and empowering the youth here in Masatepe. That includes all youth, whether reached or unreached. Jeff is working to connect and build relationships will the youth in the churches, schools, and communities.

Nicole and her husband Jeff have been married for 17 years and have 3 girls ages 10,12, and 15. They moved to Masatepe in March of 2017 to reach, build-up, and empower the youth and young adults. Nicole loves spending time with her family and with the youth and young adults.

Stephen is a Jesus follower who loves to share the message of Jesus and his love for the Word of God. He would say he has been given the desire of his heart; sharing Christ and teaching His Word, research and experimenting in environment, alternative power sources, and farming. While growing up he worked on farms. He studied psychology and has over 10 years’ experience in addictions counseling. He is currently attending Seminary and teaching at a local Seminary.

Geovanny oversees the daily operations at Luke’s Inn, as well as the distribution of eggs for our One Egg program. He is married with two children and works tirelessly, due to his deep passion to see change in his community. Geovanny does quite a bit of everything; selling pigs, hosting teams, planting and growing crops, etc.

Andres “Cheppon” has works both at the farm, caring for our pigs, as well as nights as a security guard for our office and bistro space. He has two children. He enjoys working with short term teams when they come and giving his best to his work.

Rudy lived and worked on the farm before it was bought by One Collective and has stayed on as the live in caretaker. He is married with three beautiful daughters. Ruddy is incredibly hard working, generous with his time, and always available to lend a hand. When not working, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and getting out in nature.

Hugo works on the farm and recently moved into a small guard house that was constructed for him to be able to watch over the chickens at night. He is hard working, sassy, and servant hearted. He has learned many things in the last two years of working with Geovanny, and is now helping out mainly in the chicken coop and other maintenance and cleaning of the farm.

Dusty is the husband of Megan and he works alongside our bistro team, helping them find purpose in their work. He is passionate about helping others taste and see the gospel in every area of life.

Ivan has worked with One Collective for 4 years. Around the office and coffee shop, he can always be seen with his headphones in, listening to the Bible, or different sermons. He is friendly to everyone and always ready to help out where is needed.

Juan has worked with One Collective for over 3 years. No job is too big or to small for him, and he always approaches his work with a humble and servant hearted spirit. In other words, he is a 4x4. In his free time, Juan enjoys playing sports, his favorite of which is soccer.

Keyling has worked with One Collective for less than a year as a barista. She loves listening to music, hanging out with friends, and getting to know new people. Her goal is to finish her studies and move into her professional career.

Marcia is coming up on two years of having worked with One Collective as a cook in Beto’s Bistro. She is kind, servant hearted, a hard worker, and generous. In her free time she enjoys reading her Bible.

Rosa has worked with One Collective for over a half year now. She enjoys working and spending her free time with her daughter. She enjoys learning new things and being part of ITeams.

Elena has worked with One Collective for three years now. She enjoys work and is a hard worker. She enjoys keeping her kitchen clean and making fantastic food.

Don Beto, as he is called here, has been the inspiration for much of the initial work here, with Beto’s Coffee Company, and Beto’s Bistro named after him. Beto loves making quality products and working to see the community transformed. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his huge family, and taking missions trips to different parts of Nicaragua to preach the Gospel and see lives impacted.

Elda has worked with One Collective for 3 years. She is a talented seamstress and a mighty prayer warrior. She enjoys cooking, reading, participating in prayer groups and Bible studies, and visiting people in the community.

Luis has worked in our shop since early 2017. He is passionate about his family, his community, and children with special needs. Aside from being a vital part of our workshop team, he enjoys participating in community projects and investing in his family. One of his personal goals is to finish the construction of his house.

Paula has worked with us for four years. She is servant hearted, a hard worker, and always ready to give an encouraging word or hug when needed. She is married with 3 kids. On top of working for Beto’s, she works other jobs before and after work cleaning houses. She also spent the last few years attending weekend classes to graduate from high school, which she did last December.

Becca has worked with One Collective for over a year and comes to us from Indiana. Becca’s works in basically every aspect of the coffee company except the actual sewing of the products. She is passionate about people, organization, and working hard. She came to Nicaragua as an intern and after falling in love with Masatepe, returned as a full time worker.

Sara has been working with One Collective for over 4 years and was one of the very first baristas hired. Recently she has made the move into assisting with the coffee company. Sara has a heart to serve and has traveled overseas as a missionary. She is passionate about people, her work, and animals.

Alejandra enjoys her position as manager of the bistro. In addition to working around coffee and the interesting people brought into the coffee shop, she loves being surrounded by kids, and is a dog lover. Above all, she loves the Lord.

Jose is married to his wife Gabi. They have two children. Chepe has been a pastor for many years and loves serving His people. He is kind, compassionate, and very generous with is time, as he serves the farm and rehab center.